Blackberry or iPhone

24 Jul

In the past few months, I have begun to see why it might be nice to have a blackberry or iPhone.  I have been a little behind the times in acquiring technology gadgets for myself.  I have an Mp3 player, but not an iPod.  I have an old school cell phone without texting or internet.  I have a list of gadgets I would like to have including: iPod, Kindle, and an iPhone or blackberry.

I am now in the phase of deciding which I want to get now and which to wait on.  Should I get an iPod knowing that I want to get a new phone fairly soon and instead just get the iPhone which has all the capabilities of an iPod (I think??) Should I try for a Blackberry and an iPod?  SHould I go for the Kindle now and put off the phone issue until my contract is up?

I have looked at several websites and blog posts comparing the iPhone and the Blackberry, yet I am still unsure of which I want.   I would love to get as many features/devices in a single device as possible.  I am not one who likes to carry a bunch of gadgets around all the time.  Any one out there have an opinion to offer?


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