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Back in the Saddle Again

2 Jun

saddleAs the title says it, I’m “back in the saddle again.”  Due to some budget cuts and increasing class sizes, our school needed to add a fourth 5th grade teacher and my tech position was cut, therefore, I am the new 5th grade teacher.

I’ve been asked countless times if I am excited or not.  My truthful answer is that I’m getting there.  When the possibility first came about a few months ago, I was very excited.  As time went on and the possibility wavered back and forth, I became frustrated, and the excitement waned.  About two weeks ago, I found out this was a definite move.  The excitement is slowly returning.

Last week we did a big room shift with a total of 4 rooms being affected.  I have been moving into my room and getting settled since Friday.  I am working on where to put everything, how many tables I need, how to decorate, and all of those other fun decisions that come from moving into a new room.

One of the things I am most looking forward to is the opportunity to work with the students on tech projects.  I have so many ideas of things to do.  I will have to keep you all posted on all of the things we try.

One other very important thing to mention:  We are out for summer 🙂


Upside Down

25 Aug

My world was turned upside down today.  Our school is overcrowded and with 30+ in several rooms, we were able to get a new teacher in to help.  This required a room for that teacher.  Our building committee met last week to discuss options and the principal announced the solution today.  I will no longer be teaching in a computer lab but will help other teachers with integrating technology and with analyzing test data.

I am looking forward to this change.  I will miss the kids, but I really feel like this will be benefiting them more in the long run.  I will help facilitate technology projects in their classroom that directly relates to their curriculum.  The goal is for the teachers to feel more comfortable trying new things with some tech support and to then use technology more in their lessons.

The staff has mixed feelings.  They will be loosing 45 minutes of plan time, but will still have 270 minutes a week plus their 90 minute PD time.  Change is hard though, and our building had already had enough change before this.  We had a third of our staff leave, and had 26 new staff members join us in August.  Hopefully after the shock wears off, people will see that the kids will benefit.


20 Aug

I still have 1 hour in my time zone for a wordless Wednesday post, so here goes…..

(I would attribute the cartoon to someone, but I found it on about 5 blogs so I don’t know where it originated)

Understanding Your Kids

16 Aug

Can you relate to this mom?  Too many parents and teachers can.  Kids use a whole new language to text and IM each other.  So how do we protect them from something we don’t understand?

I am a firm believer that the best way to protect kids is to educate them, and yourself, to dangers that exist in our world.  This goes for online protection as well as for protection IRL (in real life).  This generation is one that spends more time emailing, chatting, texting, and IMing than most adults can comprehend.  Many parents see a chat conversation or a text message and it looks like just a series of letters and numbers that barely make sense.  Kids text in a whole new language, and parents need to know what the are saying.

In this post I am including several common phrases that kids use when texting, IMing, and chatting.  These are a few of the MANY phrases that are texted each day.  I have spent many hours on Yahoo IM and in various chat rooms and forums.  While I do this for enjoyment, I also do this to stay ahead (or at least afloat) with what is going on online.  As a computer lab teacher, and mom to a 2, 6, and 9 year old, I feel that it is my job to know what goes on online and to educate and protect my children and students.  The phrase below are phrase that I have seen many times.  In some cases, they can be innocent, in others, not so much.

P911- Parents coming
POS/TOS- Parents over Shoulder/Teacher over shoulder
IRL- In real life
a/s/l- age/sex/location
wtgp- Want to go private?
f2f- face to face

If you would like to learn more about common and not so common phrase head to How to Understand Your Kids’ Text Messages.  They do a wonderful job of giving you all kinds of insight into the every changing “Text Language”.  I would highly encourage all parents and teachers to look at the site and to go into some chat rooms or become familiar with IM and texting.

First Day

14 Aug

Today was the first day back for students.  It is always so exciting to see them stream into the building, backpacks filled with a new year’s worth of supplies, a bright smile on their face, and ready for a new year of learning.  Students rushed in happy to see their friends and teachers.  We have a very high turnover rate at our building and I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces, it was thrilling to see new faces too of course!

This is my second year teaching K-5 in the computer lab, prior to that I taught 5th grade.  Today I was reminded how much those little kindergarteners grow bythe end of the year, which means I forgot where we started last year.  They don’t know how to walk in a line yet, don’t know how to sit still, and don’t know all of their letters and numbers.  They are very tired by the end of the day and many can’t stay awake during that last hour.  I must say a big “thank you” to all of the kindergarten teachers out there.  They truly do give the kids the foundation of their education.  I look forward to seeing how much this year’s group grows!

Like the kids, I too am looking forward to a great year of learning!  I learn just as much from them as they learn from me.  I am excited to share with them the things I learned at the Google Teacher Academy, as well as other workshops I attended over the summer.

I love working in a field where every year is truly a fresh start.  Every year we get to examine the good things from the past, and look forward to an exciting future filled with new opportunities.  We get to rework what failed before, improve what worked, and polished those lessons that seemed wonderful.  We have a brand new group of eager kids that are ready to learn and ready to discover everything they can.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful school year!