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Duplos- The New Word Tiles

13 Jun

I must say that the idea presented at FilthWizadry is brilliant! I can think of endless uses even in 5th grade! Guess I will be checking out the garage sales in order to fine them. I’m thinking that Legos might even work better for older kids. I think I may add this to my word wall practice!  Thanks for the suggestion FilthWizardry!



10 Jun

I just discovered a fabulous new (t me) tool that I have already started using in preparation for next year.  LiveBinders is a way to create an online binder.  Much as you would clip things from a newspaper, cookbook, or magazine,  you can clip webpages, photos, or files and put them into a digital binder.  I have already started 2 binders:  Reading and Class Projects.  You can then share the url or embed the LiveBinder in your classroom website or blog.  I have included my reading LiveBinder below for you to see.

Book Trailers

28 Mar

My 5th graders recently began making book trailers.  What is a book trailer you ask?  It is similar to a movie trailer- a short video that tries to get you to read a book.

We began this with group trailers.  I read The Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. Taylor to my class.  They worked in small groups of 2-3 to create a book trailer using Photo Story.  Students found photographs at Schools Clipart for their projects.  They then either used the music maker within Photo Story or music from FreePlay Music for their trailer.  We looked at examples of other trailers such as the one here and here.  Talked about the role of images and music in the trailer, and learned how to give enough information to hook a person, but not so much that it became boring or gave away the ending.  I have posted below a couple of examples from our class.

We are in the middle of creating individual trailers now.  I will post an update once the students finish those.

This project was a lot of fun and the students really got into it- even those kids who are virtually non-readers.  They all enjoyed reading the books, because they were thinking about how to turn it into a trailer.  I am so proud of how they are turning out!

I plan to share any comments left with the student, so if you are as impressed with their work as I was, please leave a comment.

Online Audiobook Checkout- for free!!

1 Sep

I have discovered a wonderful new addiction- audiobooks!  I know, these have been around forever, and I am slow to come around, but I never realized I had a reason to listen to a “book on tape”.  This summer, I spent many hours in the car taking my kids to see their dad.  We drive through the Flint Hills of Kansas and my favorite radio station just doesn’t get that far! 

One day, we were stopping at the library before heading out and I decided to look at the audio books.  I found one of my favorites, that I hadn’t read in a while in a CD version- The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.  I listened to is all the way up, and all the way back, and so the addiction began!

I am an avid reader and am even the founder of a local bookclub.  I have now started listening to books on the way to and from work.  For 30 minutes each way, I can immerse myself in a story.   I have found it the perfect way to unwind from a crazy day, but enough about me already!

Today I was catching up on my Google Reader, and ran across a post by Wes Fryer.  In his blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, he posted about a great service offered to Kansans who enjoy audiobooks.  Please head over to his blog to find out more.  Leave it to an Oklahoman to hear about it before this Kansan.  Oh well, as long as the information gets to people, the how isn’t important, right??