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Wordle and Animoto in the Classroom

25 Jun

Last month a coworker asked if I would be a guest presenter at her daughter’s school.  Each child in this 3rd grade classroom had the opportunity to invite a guest.  I accepted the invitation, met with her daughter and we planned a presentation of animoto and wordle.  Two of my favorite tools.

We started with animoto.  Due to CIPA I couldn’t allow this group of students to create their own animoto videos, so we decided to do a class video.  I allowed my coworker’s daughter to choose the topic.  She chose rain forests.  I pulled up my schools.clipart.com account and typed rain forest into the search engine.  The students then took turns selecting images from the hundreds available.  I saved those images and we imported them into Animoto.   The video was created while the students worked on their next project- Wordle.

Our next project was wordle.  I have posted on wordle more than once.  It is one of my favorite tools to use with students.  They love using it, it is very simple and quick to explain, and they can customize to their hearts content.  Since they were down to their last few days of school, I gave them the topic of summer.  They creations they made were wonderful.  For 30 minutes, you could have heard a pin drop.

This is the one thing I love about technology.  Once the kids get into it, they become completely engaged.  I would love to hear how you have used either (or both) of these tools in your classroom.



1 Jul

Many of you may already know of Animoto. It is a web site designed to help you to create professional quality videos. I have played around with it several times, but always felt limited by the fact that I only had 30 seconds without having to pay a yearly fee.

While at the Google Teacher Academy, someone (I can’t remember who though) mentioned that they emailed the company and asked for it free for classroom use, and they were granted free access. I decided that it was worth a shot and was directed to the education program. They do offer the program free for those using it in the classroom with students!

I plan to both use this to convey information to students as well as to have them create short videos. In fact, one of the first projects I am planning will be a blogging assignment in which they watch a short animoto created video about types of technology.