All Students Meme

1 Dec

I wasn’t tagged for this meme, but I wanted to respond to it and tag a few people as I feel the question is well worth asking.  Marth Thornburgh of Opening Doors to Digital Learning was asked the question “Do you believe all students can meet standards?”  Please read about her response on her blog. The “All Students Meme” came about as a result.

1. Share three things that you believe about all students.
2. Reflect on your thoughts in your blog. (If you do not have a blog, you can share your ideas in a comment from this post.)
3. Be sure to link to this post and to where you were first tagged.
4. Tag your response with AllStudentsMeme
5. Invite others to join the conversation by tagging them to be a part of the meme.

I tag fellow GCTs:

Erica Hartman

Christine Archer

Vicki Davis

Cindy Lane

Kevin Jarrett

The three things I believe about every student:

1.  All students can learn.

Maybe not on the same day or in the same way, but they can all learn.  It is our job to make the learning a valuable and relevant experience in their eyes.  To meet them where they are and help them to where they could be.

2.  Each child is precious and is someone’s whole world.

Just as my children are my whole world, so is every other child.  It is our job to remember this and to treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

3.  Each child has their own baggage.

I begin every day with my own set of baggage.  Over the course of many years, I have learned to drop the baggage at the door.  Our students may or may not have learned this.  We need to be sensitive to their baggage while we teach them, some of them carry the weight of the world on their shoulders every minute of the day.  How can we expect them to “drop it at the door” when in reality their are days we each carry every one of our bags with us?


3 Responses to “All Students Meme”

  1. Martha Thornburgh December 1, 2008 at 11:42 pm #

    So glad that you participated in the meme. I really agree with all of your points. I especially like number 2. I think that is so important for us to think about each child in that very special way. I do hope that every child is that precious to someone. Thanks for passing on the meme. I am really looking forward to continuing this discussion.

  2. Rhondda December 13, 2008 at 3:13 am #

    I like your third comment. We must all try to remember that students have other things in their lives apart from school. After reading the reports for my pastoral care students, as I collated them, I realised that whilst there are teachers who know and understand the students they teach, there are others who simply do not. There are different reasons for this lack of knowledge. They simply did not connect which can happen but as you said we must remember “they have baggage too”. Our school also keeps some information very private. I know that there are privacy laws/rules, but I wonder if there is not more that could be told to the teachers, even if the explanation is not explicit, to help teachers understand their students better and adapt to help them with their learning.


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