28 Sep

This doesn’t really have anything to do with education or technology, but I’m blogging about it anyway!  This week I had the unfortunate opportunity to learn a very important and basic lesson.


Wednesday I was in a hurry.  Our team was having a little potluck lunch and I had to make something.  I ran down the stairs, not bothering to turn on the lights because I didn’t want to wake my 3 kids.   I got to the bottom of the staircase and missed the last step.  Now I swear some little elf came and took the step away during the night and then replaced it before my husband ran down to see why I was lying on the floor in tears, but hubby says not.   I spent much of the morning at the Dr’s office getting x-rays to learn that nothing was broken, but I had done a lot of soft tissue damage.  Ligaments, tendons, the connective tissue btween the two bones in my leg were all torn; possibly even my achilles tendon.  I have been on crutches since.  Not my idea of fun!

I have since learned my lesson.  I now turn on the lights before going down the stairs and I try not to rush down them (ok, this one isn’t hard since I can’t “rush” anywhere right now.)  I have learned all about stupid things people have done to injure themselves, of course nearly every story is about someone else.  Which leads me to believe everyone thinks this is an eqally stupid way to injure oneself.  Hey, what could I do?!??  The elf stole the step!!!  I swear!!


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