Online Audiobook Checkout- for free!!

1 Sep

I have discovered a wonderful new addiction- audiobooks!  I know, these have been around forever, and I am slow to come around, but I never realized I had a reason to listen to a “book on tape”.  This summer, I spent many hours in the car taking my kids to see their dad.  We drive through the Flint Hills of Kansas and my favorite radio station just doesn’t get that far! 

One day, we were stopping at the library before heading out and I decided to look at the audio books.  I found one of my favorites, that I hadn’t read in a while in a CD version- The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.  I listened to is all the way up, and all the way back, and so the addiction began!

I am an avid reader and am even the founder of a local bookclub.  I have now started listening to books on the way to and from work.  For 30 minutes each way, I can immerse myself in a story.   I have found it the perfect way to unwind from a crazy day, but enough about me already!

Today I was catching up on my Google Reader, and ran across a post by Wes Fryer.  In his blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, he posted about a great service offered to Kansans who enjoy audiobooks.  Please head over to his blog to find out more.  Leave it to an Oklahoman to hear about it before this Kansan.  Oh well, as long as the information gets to people, the how isn’t important, right??


One Response to “Online Audiobook Checkout- for free!!”

  1. Wesley Fryer September 1, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

    Well, I grew up in Kansas and consider myself a Kansan, so don’t feel too bad about getting beat out on discovering this by a recent immigrant to Oklahoma! 🙂

    I guess this feature has been available for 2 years but I sure hadn’t heard about it yet… Our family loves audiobooks too, so I am very eager to learn what our local libraries in Oklahoma as well as libraries at the state level are doing on this.

    I have an appointment this next week to meet with some of the outreach and IT folks at our metro library system in Oklahoma City and am going to ask them about this too. It looks like the State of Kansas library system IS making more audiobooks available for iPod, which is good…..

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