Upside Down

25 Aug

My world was turned upside down today.  Our school is overcrowded and with 30+ in several rooms, we were able to get a new teacher in to help.  This required a room for that teacher.  Our building committee met last week to discuss options and the principal announced the solution today.  I will no longer be teaching in a computer lab but will help other teachers with integrating technology and with analyzing test data.

I am looking forward to this change.  I will miss the kids, but I really feel like this will be benefiting them more in the long run.  I will help facilitate technology projects in their classroom that directly relates to their curriculum.  The goal is for the teachers to feel more comfortable trying new things with some tech support and to then use technology more in their lessons.

The staff has mixed feelings.  They will be loosing 45 minutes of plan time, but will still have 270 minutes a week plus their 90 minute PD time.  Change is hard though, and our building had already had enough change before this.  We had a third of our staff leave, and had 26 new staff members join us in August.  Hopefully after the shock wears off, people will see that the kids will benefit.


2 Responses to “Upside Down”


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