21st Century Skills

15 Jul

I was intrigued to read that Kansas was honored for its innovative 21st Century Education Initiative. 

Kansas Joins With Seven Other States in The Partnership For 21st Century Skills
Topeka, Kansas –  April 24, 2008 – The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the nation’s leading advocacy organization focused on infusing 21st century skills into education, recently approved the Kansas application to join with seven other Leadership States in promoting 21st century teaching and learning skills for all students.

Read full press release

The Partnership for 21st Century skills has put out a framework.  I have seen this a few times, but never really took the time to explore it.  The Route21 website does a wonderful job of explaining the framework and giving resources for teachers who wish to focus on 21st century learning.

The framework above shows the skills students need in the colored areas, but those skills are supported by the cloud-like circles beneath.  The supports are the foundation of learning, these are the things administrators, school districts, and states should provide.    The rainbow is an illustration of those skills the kids have to have to be able to live in our world.   These are the skills teachers need to help students cultivate, they can’t always be explicitly taught.  The industrial era required cookie-cutter workers.  Today’s world requires individual thinkers, who can collaborate with others in order to accomplish things unheard of a decade ago.

I truly hope that Kansas does embrace this framework and that the individual school districts do as well.


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