What are we here for?

20 Jun

This morning I read a great post by Vicki Davis AKA Cool Cat Teacher. The post titled Mainstream Media vs. Blogosphere: Mainstream Ed vs. Edublogosphere? In the post, she talks about how the media is dealing with the change that everday people now have the ability to give “breaking news” to the world. The media is scrambling to deal with this. In a similar way, there is a shift going on in education, especially in edtech. One section really hit home for me:

What are we here for?

The way I feel about it is that we should all be here for the students. It is about making sure our classrooms are doing a great job of not only educating students but helping them find their individual talents. It is about helping our country thrive in the years to come.

I would highly encourage you to head to her blog and read the full article.


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