16 Jun

There are all sorts of generators around the web.  I am going to highlight a few of the ones I find valuable and give some ideas of how to use them.

Coat of Arms
I have done these with students when we studied Don Quixote, medieval times, and other aspects of history or genealogy.  There are numerous generators for this, here are a couple.
Make Your Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Book Covers
It is not a new concept for students to recreate a book cover or a make up a magazine cover to highlight things they are learning in the classroom.  You can have them read a book and create it’s cover, or have them create a magazine cover, complete with tag lines and headlines over what they are studying in science, social studies, literature, or math.
Book Covers
Magazine Covers

Newspaper Clippings
Bring writing alive in the classroom by have students create a newspaper clipping.  They could make a clipping instead of writing a report.  They use the same skills, but in a different way.  This can also be used for persuasive writing, politics, or even writing an obituary of a famous person.
Newspaper Generator
Witty Comics
Comic Strip

Many of these sites are great for 4th grade and beyond.  Some you could use as a class with some of the younger kiddos.


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