19 May

Do you get tired of spam?? I know I sure do. I have found a great service that has drastically reduced the number of spams I get both at home and at school.

A lot of spam is self inflicted. You go online, find some neat new thing, and sign up for it. We all click that yes, we read the privacy policy, but who really does that every time. Many (not all) of these services then sell our email address to spammers. is a nice service that can help. When you get to one of those sites, you simply enter “” You can use numbers, letters, your pet or child’s name in front of “” and wahah!! You have a temporary email address- good for a few short hours. This is great if you just need a confirmation number or something else. When you are ready to check the email, go to and enter you email address where it indicates. Now keep in mind that anyone can read these, it IS NOT password protected, so don’t have bank information sent there!! Be careful, do not use this if you want to frequently get email from a place, better to use something else for that.


One Response to “Mailinator”

  1. anonymous email May 20, 2008 at 9:25 pm #

    Nice tool, also check out I use both services since one of them might not work due to overfloaded with spam.

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