How are schools doing in technology?

16 Apr

Education Counts has released its latest study on technology use in schools. How does your state compare to other states?  Find out by visiting Education Counts.

Here is how the state of Kansas scored:

Access to Technology    A-
Use of Technology    B-
Capacity to use Technology   C
Overall    B-

Not too bad of a score, but there is certainly room for improvement!  Capacity to use technology is the primary area needing work in our state.  We do not have technology requirements for teacher or administrator certification or recertification.

Where I see the most need for improvement in my school is giving the teachers the skills to use technology to enhance what they already do.  So many teachers see technology as a separate entity.   It can be integrated into nearly anything, but you have to have teachers who are comfortable using it.  Does this scenario sound familiar?

You go to an inservice and a new technology is introduced.  The leaders of the inservice or workshop are super excited and spend 2-8 hours showing all of the cool tricks with this technology.  They spend the last few minutes answering questions and send you on your way to use it.  That was Friday!  Come Monday, you can hardly remember the name of the technology let alone how to use it, and FORGET integration!

All too often this happens to teachers in my building.  They watch someone use a technology and then are expected to go back and use it.  Now I am lucky in that MOST of the time, I can pick up enough and play with it enough to figure it out.  As a person who grew up with technology, it tends to come easily to me, but I know that I am among the few.  Our district could do a lot more to help teachers feel comfortable with technology.

How does your district handle technology?


One Response to “How are schools doing in technology?”

  1. Brandon Kienle May 5, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    I have experienced your frustrations as well. Here at the middle school I teach at in Connecticut, we had a new grading software introduction and actually did a pretty good job training us. The school sent 6 teachers from our school for all day training where they received one on one lessons. Then they came back to our school and taught the rest of our staff in groups of 15-20. While some teachers had a hard time learning, the rest of us had enough information to “play with it” like you did. Then after we had a good handle on it, we were able to help out some of the stragglers.

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